The Options

As of 7 June 2015 there are now two sites short listed as being those where the ultimate development will take place.

  • Plots 1, 10 & 11.  These sites are upstream of the village, i.e. at the Stadhampton end.  For full details click here.
  • Plot 7.  This site is downstream of the village, i.e. at the Watlington end.  For full details click here.

The final decision on which when and how the final selection is made will involve many factors.  In the meantime it is essential that as many people as possible have an input to that final choice.

To that end, please click on Survey for an opportunity to make your views count.

For consideration on all sites

  • Plans are indicative and are to give an idea of what could be provided, developers are open to discussion on final layout
  • Flood Alleviation Measures
  • Public Space
  • Having only one developer means more benefits for the village for example possible scout hut
  • Proximity to village and amenities
  • Proximity to transport links
  • Traffic impact on village
  • Vehicular access
  • Pedestrian and cycle access