June 2014

Chalgrove Neighbourhood Development Plan

Increased housing allocation numbers within Chalgrove

SODCs new study of housing needs in Oxfordshire has indicated that more housing is needed than they had planned for.

In 2012, SODC adopted the South Oxfordshire Core Strategy which secured the land needed for 11,487 homes.

In April 2014, a document called the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (or SHMA) was published providing updated housing need figures across Oxfordshire.

This document identified that South Oxfordshire could need up to an additional 5,900 homes on top of the number already allocated.

SODC are at the first stage of the plan making process looking at what issues they should address within their plan.  The public consultation on this first stage closed on 23 July 2014.

Once they have processed the responses you can view them using their consultation system, although this will take several weeks.

They will update their website to let you know when they are available at  www.southoxon.gov.uk/newlocalplan .

SODC have also put together a short video to help explain new developments with their Local Plan, which you can view on YouTube.