January 2017

January 2017

The developers for sites 1 and 11, west of Marley Lane, have submitted an application for up to 200 dwellings.

Following the application for up to 120 homes from the developers for site 7 this was to be expected, and these should both be viewed as just applications, no decisions have been reached.

The NDP is continuing to work with the developers and SODC to manage the future housing requirements and to reach the best possible solution for us.

Chalgrove NDP have sent a letter to HCA stating that their attendance at the Chalgrove Airfield Enquiry by Design event taking place from 19th to 23rd January in no way changes their absolute opposition to this proposed development, and that any participation and comments made will be without prejudice.

The NDP have been in consultation with both the proposed sites developers and these discussions have been very positive, with the village’s comments and suggestions being taken into account throughout the process. The developers for Chal 7 have submitted an application and whilst we would have preferred them to wait before submitting any plans we were aware they wanted to progress things, and it is likely the other proposed site will do likewise.

We would stress, an application is just that, no decisions have been made. Please remember the only way we get a say in this whole thing is with a Neighbourhood Plan. Without it, our views may not be taken into account, so we will continue to produce the NDP and plan to submit the draft plan to SODC in Spring next year.

The updated plans for the two preferred sites; CHAL1/10/11 and CHAL7.

Please click here to see the location of the preferred sites:

Flood report Nov 2016

Click on the above to view the latest report which is the result of the remodeling using the same methodology as that used to inform the revised Environment Agency (EA) Flood Map published last year. This was funded by a grant from the Big Lottery Fund

This report does not take the place of the revised map published by the EA but gives us information relating to the NDP sites.

We will be discussing the latest report with the EA but at this stage the map published on their website is the one that will be used by planning and insurance companies. Our report will be used to inform the site selection.

We will be in a position to publish the selected site (s) and timetable in the New Year, in the meantime it should be noted that the developers of the preferred sites are continuing to develop their planning applications for submission to SODC whilst working with the NDP team.