Why Do It?

The Neighbourhood Plan allows people to come together to say where they think new houses, businesses and shops should go and what they should look like, and provided that they are in line with national planning policy, the local plan and other legal requirements, and local people vote to approve them, they form a new local level of the statutory planning system.

The content of the plan will come from consultation and feedback from the village. It affects all of us, older, younger and our children, and so it is very important that the village engage with this project.

As you see our Neighbourhood Plan affects us all and is important to all of us who live in Chalgrove, both now and for future generations.

For further information download the CNDP Launch Presentation presented at the launch meetings and we hope you find this informative.

If you like to volunteer to help in any way please download the Volunteer Form and drop it back to the Parish Office or email us via the Contacts Page.

Why Is It Different to the Village Plan?

The village plan covered all aspects of our community and introduced projects and organisations covering a number of different areas from Adult Learning to Wildlife Conservation and the views expressed within it has helped us to identify the Focus Areas for the Neighbourhood Plan. 

The village plan is taken into consideration when planning applications are considered but it does not have legal status.  The Neighbourhood Plan focuses on housing development and once adopted has statutory status and is a legal document.

To view or download a copy of click here. The Village Plan.