A Neighbourhood Plan Forum Team has been formed, and to date has run 3 Neighbourhood Plan Launch meetings in June, July and September 2013, which invited the community to understand why we should proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan and to start the consultation process and seek volunteers to contribute to the project. From these meetings and the consultation which took place in the village plan we have identified the following focus areas:

  • Chalgrove Housing Sites
  • Chalgrove Housing Development / Future Proofing
  • Chalgrove Infrastructure
  • Living in Chalgrove

The 3 launch meetings generated 550 comments and 92 volunteer forms, ranging from delivering leaflets through to joining one of our Focus Groups.

The creation of the plan is not an exercise to be taken lightly and it is envisaged that the plan will take approximately two years to produce. We will also require volunteers from the community as well as the Parish Council to help, research, and provide evidence on the focus areas and associated topics.

If you are interested in any of the focus areas and would like to volunteer to join any of the focus groups please download the Volunteer Form and drop it back to the Parish Office.

For further information download the CNDP Launch Presentation presented at the launch meetings and we hope you find this informative