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Latest Update – June 2017

October 2017

Having initially successfully defended a speculative application for development on the Land East of Chalgrove (site 7 in the NDP), we are very disappointed to have to announce that the appeal by the developer has been upheld by the Planning inspector.  This is despite objections by the Parish Council, the NDP and many residents and having been turned down by the SODC Planning Committee.  

We believe the main reason the  appeal was upheld is SODC’s lack of a 5 year land supply (Local authorities are required to demonstrate that they have a 5 year supply of land for housing development against their housing target).

Nevertheless it is essential that we continue with our NDP as speculative development is never far away, the NDP will help us to defend against them and will help the village to influence the nature of developments that have been approved.

This situation underlines how important our NDP is, and how important the support of the village is in forthcoming events and consultations


August 2017

The CNDP committee would like to thank everyone that responded to the Pre-Submission draft of our CNDP and all of your reviews. We are in the process of updating the plan taking into account all the representations that have been made.

Because of the on-going submissions for development in Chalgrove there has been increasing pressure to get the CNDP adopted. The CNDP needs to be robust enough not to be challenged and therefore has to cover many aspects of development, policies, sustainability and planning.  This has  meant a lot of additional work for the CNDP to ensure our plan is one that remains current and enforceable.  The committee members have been working really hard with the relevant authorities to bring the plan into force.

June 2017

Land East of Chalgrove

Following the objections made by the Parish Council, NDP Committee and District Councillor at the SODC Planning Committee on April 26th, SODC have refused the planning application for 120 homes to the east of Chalgrove.  The proposal went against the preferred site within the NDP and we thank the SODC Planning Committee members for listening to our objections.  We also thank the members of public that attended the meeting and maintained exemplary behaviour throughout the process.


Within the next few days you will receive correspondence, and see press releases from developers regarding their proposals to develop more sites within Chalgrove. Chalgrove Parish Council and the NDP Committee wish to state that sites 1, 10 & 11 (to the west of Chalgrove) are the preferred choice in the NDP to satisfy SODC’s requirement that we have two hundred new homes. Sites 1, 10 & 11 now have outline planning consent from SODC for two hundred new homes.
Following the NDP pre-submission consultation, other developers have come forward with other plans. They, like the strategic site in the proposed SODC Local Plan (Airfield), are not welcomed.

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Chalgrove Parish Council
Correspondence address: 13 Laurel Close, Chalgrove. OX44 7RE.
Site address: Parish Office, behind Village Hall, Baronshurst Drive. OX44 7TE.
Office: 01865 890432 Mobile: 07946 383199

All email addresses are kept by the Clerk, and not used for any other purpose than to inform you of Parish Council business.

Email addresses have been collated from all residents who have corresponded with the Clerk regarding Village matters, or those who have expressed a wish to receive such updates.

e mail on info@chalgrovendp.co.uk or


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